Terms of Service

Confirmation of the order through payment constitutes that The Client (the person who’s details appear on the order) acknowledges and agrees to the following:

(a) South Coast Linen Hire retains title to the Linen and the Client has rights to possess the Linen as a bailee only.
(b) The Client will only use the Linen for the Linen’s intended purpose and take reasonable care of the Linen.
(c) Linen is hired on a single payment/single use (duration of stay) basis. It is not to be laundered by the client. If a mid-stay change of linen is required please order an additional quantity.
(d) The Linen will be returned to South Coast Linen Hire within 72 hours of use and no longer than 30 days from the date The Client takes possession of The Linen.
(e) Should the Linen not be returned within the stated timeframe, be returned incomplete or damaged, South Coast Linen Hire may pursue reimbursement from The Client.
(f) To maintain hygiene standards we are unable to accept return of goods for credit. If you have a faulty item, we can exchange it for the same or a similar item.